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Dear friend,

If you love roses and wish that you could grow the beautiful flowers easily yourself, then please read on.

Here’s why: I’m about to reveal how you or anyone else – no matter what your experience level – can quickly and easily grow beautiful roses just like a professional horticulturist.

Introducing the “How to Grow Roses” eBook …

This wonderful ebook contains all the tips, tricks and secrets you need to know to grow beautiful roses every time you try.

Here is just some of what you will learn by reading this comprehensive ebook:

  • The three components of the “magic formula” that you can use to produce beautiful roses with little effort – follow these tips and you will be creating beautiful roses in no time!
  • Where to plant rose bushes for maximum growth potential – also learn about what natural growth inhibitors you should stay away from, what plants can actually help roses grow and more!
  • How to arrange the layout of your “rose garden” – discover how to make the most of your available area!
  • How to plant roses to ensure they grow well – you may be very surprised at what you read here!
  • How to choose the right variety of roses for you – learn all about the numerous types of roses, what they look like and how to grow them here!
  • Rose growing terms and their definitions – read this information and you will feel like an expert in no time … you’ll be able to “talk the talk” with other rose growers and at the supply store!
  • The best and most popular roses for each geographic region in the U.S. – this ebook fully explains hundreds of varieties of roses, giving the following information for each: (1) the class to which it belongs; (2) the color of the flower; (3) the character of the leaves, when it is particularly worthy of mention; (4) the character of growth (vigorous, moderate, etc.); (5) the purposes for which best suited; (6) the way to prune the variety; and (7) other noteworthy features!
  • Climbing roses that will cover quickly, trellises, porches, buildings, etc. – every home has room for a few climbers, because vines around a house decorate it as nothing else does, and to have vines that will produce beautiful roses — imagine the pleasure of that!
  • The best roses to grow in a warm climate, temperate climate and cold climate – pick the wrong rose for your climate and all your work will be a waste!
  • And much, much more!


The Very Word is Fragrant & Beautiful!

The word roses … it is a caress, a magic incantation.

Exquisite memories lie in its gift.

This five-petaled word, it is safe to say, enshrines more mental
pictures of pure and enduring beauty than any other in the
garden of speech.

Life admits no word to more tender intimacies. As children we dance to its nod down sunny aisles of laughter; as young men and maidens we seal with it the betrothal kiss; and at our journey's end we call upon its living fragile loveliness to breathe denial of death itself.

Since history was first written the rose has been associated with the most important and vital, as well as the tenderest, events in the life of man. For centuries it has been fully recognized as the Queen of Flowers, honored alike by poet and by king.

What Has Induced This Extraordinary
Enthusiasm for the Rose?

Simply the fact that it is without a peer among all the flowering plants.

The rose presents nearly every floral shade, in combination far more seductive than exotic orchids; and, above all, its delicious fragrance gives us the enjoyment of another sense — the crowning feature, in
which no other flower can compete with it.

The “How to Grow Roses” ebook is designed to very practically and simply show how anyone, with no more than a sliver of ground, may grow roses; and at the same time to ignite in the reader’s heart the latent passion for beauty that rose-growing so surely releases.

So what is the magic formula for growing beautiful roses?

Well, it’s in this ebook along with a ton of other important rose-growing information, including:

  • How to plant roses for screen planting and borders, or for beautifying the unsightly, such as banks, stumps, etc. – learn how to use roses to beautify your house and yard here!
  • The type of rose that can almost care for itself – these roses are so easy to grow that a kindergartner could grow them!
  • How to prepare the soil for your roses – skip this vital step and your roses are doomed to looking not nearly as good as they could have!
  • When is the best time to plant roses – and why the answer to this question depends so strongly on where you are planting them!
  • What you should always keep in mind when growing roses – do this one simple thing and you will practically guarantee a beautiful result!
  • Planting tips – including how to ensure you don’t plant your roses too deep or too shallow, what you should do to protect rose plants during the winter and an important step that many growers forget to do but that will greatly increase the enjoyment you receive from growing roses!
  • How to fight insects – and basically erect an impenetrable defense shield around your plants!
  • How to quickly treat diseases – and ensure the health and beauty – of your roses!
  • How to prune roses like a pro – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to do when you follow these simple tips!
  • The absolute best, most beautiful roses for America – from over 2,500 names of roses and over 1,900 varieties these are the best roses to grow in America! Plus, the best roses for special occasions and locations and much more are also listed!
  • The rose-lover’s calendar of operations – follow these recommended dates and you can’t go wrong!
  • And much, much more!

This eBook Really Does Contain All the Tips, Tricks, Techniques, & Time-Saving Secrets You Need
to Know to Grow Beautiful Roses as
Quickly & Easily As Possible!

This is the ebook I wish I would have had access to when I first got interested in growing roses.

Things would have been so much easier.

For instance, I wouldn’t have had to go through all that frustrating (and sometimes expensive) trial and error that I did when I was first starting out.

Just look at all the topics this ebook covers in-depthly:

  • Where on My Place Can I Grow Roses?

·         Design and Key to Formal Garden

·         Design and Key to Informal Garden

·         How to Choose the Choicest

·         Universal Favorites and Special-Purpose Varieties

·         Including Votes of American Rose Society.

·         Choice of Leading Amateurs.

·         Selection by Leading Nurserymen.

·         Laying the Foundation

·         Preparation of the Soil, Fertilizers, Etc.

·         Planting        

·         Treatment on Arrival.

·         Heeling-in—Labeling—Planting.

·         Rose-Time

·         Give Your Neighbors the "Keys" to Your Garden.

·         Protecting the Roses

·         From Summer Drought.

·         From Winter Frost.

·         Banishing Bugs.

·         Mildew and Black-Spot.

·         Pruning for Abundance      

·         For Exhibition, Etc.

·         The Best Roses for America

·         157 varieties, with class, color, habit, appropriate use, and directions for pruning.

·         Selections by Experts for Special Sections

·         North America, Charles S. Sargent

·         Boston and Vicinity, Mrs. Harriet R. Foote

·         Central New York State, Rev. Edmund M. Mills

·         Northwestern Long Island, Mrs. Aaron Ward

·         Philadelphia and Vicinity, Dr. Robert Huey

·         Washington and South, Charles E. F. Cersdorff and F. L. Mulford

·         Indianapolis and Vicinity, J. H. Nicolas

·         Chicago and Vicinity, W. C. Egan

·         Minneapolis and Vicinity, Theodore Wirtb

·         St. Louis and Vicinity, Paul A. Kobl, Floriculturist of the Missouri Botanical Garden

·         Pacific Northwest: Portland, Jesse A. Currey; Seattle, H. L. Collier

·         Extending the Dominion of the Rose

·         American Rose Society.

·         Municipal Rose-Gardens.

·         Hybridizing                                              

·         Own-Root and Budded or Grafted Roses

·         How to Preserve Rose Fragrance

·         How to Make Attar of Roses.

·         How to Make Rose Beads.

·         The Red Rose Church at Manheim.

·         Roses for Forcing or Indoor Bloom   

·         Rose-Lovers' Calendar of Operations

·         Rose Synonyms

·         444 Tested Roses Arranged in Classes

·         Analysis of Species

·         Sectional result of American Rose Society's "Favorite Rose"

This is Your Chance to Discover Everything
That is Great About Growing Roses –
From Experts in the Field!

When most beginners get involved in growing roses, they find it all to be very new, very interesting and, unfortunately due to all the varieties of roses and their different requirements, very perplexing.

Usually, there are a multitude of things the beginner wants to ask about, all sorts of inquiries as how to go about growing roses for maximum beauty.

Now you can find the answers to all of your questions in one convenient, inexpensive resource!

“How to Grow Roses” is a ready friend who will answer your toughest questions to your satisfaction and get you started on your way to enjoying the great and relaxing hobby of growing beautiful, sweet-smelling roses.

This ebook shares all of the basic tips and tools you need to know to quickly begin growing the roses of your choice.

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